Savile Row and Jermyn Street

Savile Row and Jermyn Street
Savile Row and Jermyn Street
Savile Row and Jermyn Street


“A gentleman gets his suit made on Savile Row, and he goes to Jermyn Street for everything else.” That was the long-held belief among the English upper classes, and it’s not a bad rule to live by now, if classic, handmade styles are what you’re after. Savile Row tailors learned centuries ago how to fit the body perfectly, working with its natural proportions, and Jermyn Street shirtmakers continue to transform the silkiest cottons into precisely what their customers desire, down to the smallest details.

You will hear the story of how all this craftmanship -- shoemakers, tobacconists and perfumers included – centred itself in St. James’s and a limited portion of Mayfair. You will visit a variety of tailoring houses, each with a different suit style, and we often manage a chat with cutter or fabric expert and get to handle archival pieces. You will contemplate up close the finest shirts, shoes, ties, hats, fragrances, dressing gowns and smoking jackets that money can buy.

We promise to leave you with your head will be full of rich sights and textures, as well as a deeper appreciation of the timelessness of the best in masculine luxury.

What’s Included in the package?

Experienced guide and flexible curator

Experienced guide and flexible curator
Unique opportunities to browse

Unique opportunities to browse
Outstanding food and drink

Outstanding food and drink

Where does the experience start?

In front of Gieves & Hawkes, at the 1 Savile Row entrance, Mayfair, London W1S 3JR

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Savile Row and Jermyn Street half day

Duration: 5 hours

You’ll have four hours to explore Savile Row and Jermyn Street and one hour for refreshments. When you book, you can choose whether you’d like breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, drinks and canapes or a light dinner. We will contact you to arrange the timing of this break.

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Savile Row and Jermyn Street half day

Duration: 9 hours

You’ll have six hours or more to explore Savile Row and St. James’s and two hours for refreshments. When you book, you may choose two of the following: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, drinks and canapes or a light dinner. We will contact you to arrange the timing of these two breaks.

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Choose your own experience

We are very flexible and want to deliver what works for you. For instance, if you’d like a taste of menswear in Soho or Mayfair, we can add that; or if you don’t have five hours but want to see something of the area, we can create an experience that suits your timetable.

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"We walked through some of the most enchanting shops. We spoke to specialists in their trades; people who were passionate about what they did and were bursting with knowledge and pride. I gained a lesson in London history I wasn't expecting.

"I’ve lived through many momentous occasions since then, but even now, when I think about my travels, my mind always goes back to this tour. I think about how lovely Cindy was and her laid-back nature, finishing the tour with a hug.

"I think about the cosy, dimly lit shops with secret basements and amazing sound-dampening because of years of collected merchandise. I think about the taste of those cheeses. I think about the shoes, the suits, the ties. 

"I think about the history and I think about how wonderful I felt afterwards. It was the absolute BEST tour I’ve ever been on -- ever -- and I hope one day I can do it all over again."

Stephanie Rafin

"My daughter and I spent a wonderful day touring Savile Row under the expert guidance of effervescent Cindy Lawford. A second-year fashion student drawn to men's tailoring, my daughter was inspired by countless aspects of the experience, and witnessing that process was a source of enormous paternal pleasure. As someone with long-held aspirations towards acquiring the best in men's tailoring, I also loved every minute.

"The historical context of the street was a fascinating starting point, as was the focus on military heritage and royal connections at Gieves & Hawkes. Moving into more recent times, we saw garments and designs connected to some of the best dressed men of the last 100 years.

"Not only did Cindy bring a wealth of knowledge, the high esteem she was held in by staff members and proprietors meant that time was repeatedly made for us and we gained privileged access to some hidden locations. The rooms and buildings themselves were as beautiful as the clothes.
A magical afternoon that will live forever in my memory."

Matt Lucioni

Curated by Cindy Lawford and Fashion Tours London

We provide experiences of style and fashion that immerse you in the designs, fabrics, celebrities, history and fascinating milieu of London’s outstanding retail districts. All our experiences are private.

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