Fashion Tours London loves creativity, quality, craftsmanship, beauty, panache --

the flamboyant assertiveness that can give pleasure and enliven any atmosphere.  Through our tours and personal styling based in Mayfair, St. James’s and Soho, we celebrate the work of outstanding designers, many of them trained at London’s fabulous fashion colleges.  All of our tours are private, available by appointment only, and we are happy to offer fashion students half-priced tickets to some of our tours. We adore pretty boutiques and provocative shops, where the clothes, shoes and handbags can be examined and discussed with knowledgeable staff members. Our goal is to inspire everyone who comes on our tours or opts for personal styling to feel informed and inspired enough to relish getting dressed each day.

our Guides on Fashion walks

Cindy Lawford

Cindy has a PhD in English Literature, has made groundbreaking discoveries about the poet Letitia Landon (1802-38), and, during the course of her research on Landon, became very interested in the London fashion history – so interested, in fact, that it has become an obsession.  Cindy began giving tours of Savile Row, Jermyn Street and all things Dandy five years ago.  She met Sonia in a shirt shop and Sunna when buying her wedding dress, and when Sunna and Sonia became available to help with London fashion tours, Cindy soon found herself delving into researching dresses from yesteryear and she has yet to resurface.

“On fashion tours, I adore mixing up London dress history with celebrity gossip, stories about London fashion designers and dressmakers, and all things social and political -- the trivial and the terribly serious. I love talking about crinolines and A-line skirts and coloured lingerie, and hearing different opinions -- especially about corsets and hats.”

Find out about Cindy's Savile Row Tour, Jermyn Street Tour and Pall Mall Art tour at Find out also about Cindy's new venture with Mike Carter,



Sunna has over fifteen years' experience in the London fashion industry as a personal stylist and shopper, buyer, manager and boutique owner.  She's also been a model and actress.

"I am so proud of London's design heritage, and, having seen the design process first hand while working alongside luxury designer Alice Archer, I have enormous respect for the imagination, artistry and sheer hard work that it takes to bring a collection to fruition.  All designers pay homage to and are inspired by their predecessors, even if they choose to subvert what has come before.  I am fascinated by the rich history of Mayfair and look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with you on a London fashion tour!"


SONIA Akther

Sonia is a fashion features writer and personal stylist with over ten years' experience in the industry and a particular interest in men’s tailoring.  Her work has appeared in various publications, and she has styled many commercial editorials and music personalities.

"I guess I kind of fell into fashion by accident.  I had studied history at university, specialising in Middle Eastern politics of all things, when a part-time job led me to take a course in personal styling.  What had always been a keen interest in clothes soon became a fascination in the science of style. Coming on board Fashion Tours London has combined a passion for history with my knowledge of contemporary design."


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