Our company ethos

Fashion Tours London loves creativity, quality, craftsmanship, beauty, panache --

the flamboyant assertiveness that can give pleasure and enliven any atmosphere. We adore both elegant boutiques and provocative shops, where the clothes, shoes, fragrances and jewellery can be examined in the most informed way with knowledgeable staff members.

Through our tours, we celebrate the work of outstanding contemporary designers, many of them trained at London’s highly reputed fashion colleges. We have done and continue to do our research, so we know the personal story behind each designer and can explain past and new collections. Depth and significance is what we are after, and we seek out designers who never cease searching for meaning and inspiration. 

Committed to promoting well-made, often handmade, products that are ethically and sustainably sourced, we visit environmentally responsible designer boutiques and stores, where the staff can tell the origins of their wares. In this time of great threat to bricks-and-mortar retail, independent shops with excellent customer service have our deepest support.

All our tours are private, available by appointment only.

Cindy Lawford

Cindy is a fashion and style commentator, as well as the founding director of Fashion Tours London. She started her first business, Cindy Lawford's Talks & Tours, in 2014, giving tours of Savile Row and Jermyn Street. She has a PhD in English Literature, has made groundbreaking discoveries about the poet Letitia Landon (1802-38) and published widely on them. During the course of her research on Landon, she became very interested in the London fashion history – so interested, in fact, that it became something of an obsession.  She has lectured and published on fashion history and design, while her tours have thrived on the personal relationships she makes in designer boutiques, stores and tailoring houses.  When not giving tours, Cindy can often be found swimming in the latest fashion trends as well as delving into those from yesteryear, and she never intends to resurface.

“On fashion tours, I adore mixing up London dress history with celebrity gossip, stories about London fashion designers and dressmakers, and all things social and political -- the trivial and the terribly serious. I love talking about crinolines and A-line skirts and coloured lingerie, and hearing different opinions -- especially about corsets and hats. This moment in fashion, when vintagewear can be combined with contemporary designs to produce the most wonderful results, could not be more exciting.”



Sunna has been in the fashion industry for over fifteen years as a Notting Hill boutique owner, fashion buyer and personal stylist. She worked with Simon Burstein of Browns helping him set up and co-buy for his concept store, The Place London. She originally trained as an actress, and, having been in front of the camera as both an actress and model, she truly understands and appreciates the power of clothes to help people feel good about themselves. She has a deep knowledge and interest in fashion design in all its forms as well as the cultural history and music that often goes hand-in-hand with the clothes we wear. 

"I am so proud of London's design heritage, and, having seen the design process first hand while working alongside luxury designer Alice Archer, I have enormous respect for the imagination, artistry and sheer hard work that it takes to bring a collection to fruition.  All designers pay homage to and are inspired by their predecessors, even if they choose to subvert what has come before." 





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