Some of the Most Sustainable Fashion Brands and Designers in the UK

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Sustainable Brands

If you want to be sure that you are buying from truly sustainable fashion businesses,

then you cannot buy from any of the major brands, and you need to be aware that none, despite myriads of promises, have sustainability as a top priority. We recommend you check out Fashion Revolution and the annual Fashion Transparency Index to find out more. The vast majority of brands do not even appear in the index as they don’t dare try to answer the questionnaire. Those that do score on average well below 50%.

The most sustainable choice is of course not to buy new, but rather buy vintage or second-hand, or find wonderful new ways to revive and re-design items in your wardrobe. But we all know there are times when only the new will do, and there are a small but growing number of UK-based brands with designers creating fabulous new pieces from older materials or garments, or from materials that are being grown and woven sustainably by workers who are paid fairly. They have a zero-waste policy, and, where possible, seek to have their products made in the UK.

Here we list both collectives of designers and individual brands and designers whom we are sure you can buy from with a clear conscience. It is far from a complete list and growing daily.

Discovering Sustainable brands

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